Data protection statement

The ATP a.s.b.l. mission is to promote in accordance with its statutes psycho-social rehabilitation and supported by the State within a framework of :

- the approval by the Ministry of Health for their therapeutic activities

- the approval with the Ministry of the Family for its sheltered workshops

- its working activities through the CAT cooperative, which are governed by the Luxembourg Commercial Code


Purpose of data processing

The ATP asbl accompanies people living with a mental illness in their rehabilitation process, in close cooperation with professional service providers from the health and medical-social sector.

The ATP asbl also manages several production and service workshops.

The ATP processes your data only for the purpose of fulfilling these tasks.


Personal data collection

Various data are collected, processed and stored such as:

- General personal data (Christian name, surname, date of birth)

- Administrative data for processing salaries, premiums (income, account number)

- Family situation (dependent children)

- Health data on the basis of your consent (medical information sheet)


Data exchange with third parties

Your data can be transmitted to the following parties, if necessary with:

- representatives of the justice system for the settlement of debts

- An attending doctor for the provision of health care, or in the case of an emergency

- A curator/guardian for social care


Regarding the protection of personal data?

The entry into force of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, (GDPR) implies increased accountability of data controllers.

For this reason the ATP a.s.b.l. has committed itself to :

- Ensuring the protection of your personal data

- Maintaining a register of all operations involving the collection, use, storage or transmission of your personal data

- The erasure of your personal data on expiration of the statutory retention period.

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DPO (Data Protection Officer)

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