CAT s.c.

Coopérative d’Aide par le Travail (CAT)

The Cooperative CAT s.c. (Coopérative d'Aide par le Travail - Help through Work)

has the objective to analyse, organise and promote all commercial and labour activities with the particular aim of enabling social integration into the working life of its job-seekers who may require particular socio-educational guidance and instruction.

To achieve its objective, the cooperative society is allowed to:

- build up and maintain stock of all products and goods,

- possess any type of warehouse or special storage facilities,

- perform all necessary business operations,

- set up and operate, either by itself or a third party, all kind of store,

- provide associate members of the cooperative society the necessary financial support required,

- implement commercial and advertising techniques in order to promote the sale of products,

- carry out all commercial, financial, real estate and securities transactions relating directly or indirectly to the achievement of above mentioned objectives."

(Extract of the coordinated statutes of the 25/06/2013, art. 3)


Legal information:

Head Office: 8, Zone Industrielle L-8287 Kehlen

Trade and Company Register (RCSL) B42056

VAT national: 1992 2500 072

VAT international LU159 91066

Auth. of Establishment: 71394



Phone: +352 26 33 16 84-1

Fax: +352 26 33 16 83