Our mission

ATP asbl offers psycho-social rehabilitation support to people living with a mental illness.

ATP asbl offers access to employment in working conditions beneficial towards recovery.

The professional team of the ATP asbl are committed to expand the field of work possibilities for these people.


Extract of our statutes:


"The aim of the association is to provide help for people suffering from psychiatric illnesses, with priority given to people with psychotic disorders. The association aims to promote socio-professional integration through creating favourable conditions and enabling them to achieve the best possible qualities of life, which is a perspective of social psychiatry.

This can be achieved by creating and managing structures adapted to this objective, in particular therapeutic and sheltered workshops.

This can also be achieved by the diffusion of information, the offer of training as well as by intervening with public authorities or other institutions.

The association may carry out all activities contributing to the achievement of this corporate purpose.

The association is politically and religiously neutral."

The association „ATP - Association d’aide par le travail Thérapeutique pour personnes Psychotiques“ is recognised as a non-profit organisation. It has an agreement with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour, and has an accreditation by the Ministry of Family Affair.

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Our vision

The ATP asbl promotes access to employment for people living with a disabling mental illness.

The activities of the ATP asbl are carried out from a social psychiatric perspective.